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Rise School Management & Rise Accounting are the two signature brands that fall under the umbrella of Rise SA Business Solutions (Pty).

Rise SA is an official partner of 1C International, a global software development company. It is one of the biggest world leaders in accounting & business software solutions.

Rise School Management

Rise Accounting Team has championed a customized solution for South African schools. We developed an all-in-one solution with all the functionality in one place, as a result of a close collaboration with a government school in the Western Cape.

Rise School Management is a full-on accounting for schools, batch invoicing, learner management system, school-parent communication and more.

School Forums

As part of Rise Accounting for School endeavours, we have launched School Forums for government Schools in the Western Cape.

Our School Forums serve as a collaborative platform for Principals and Admin Staff to address and share on their challenges in accounting, invoicing, reporting and learner management. Join our Rise School Management Facebook Group to learn when the next Forum will take place and about our new exciting developments.

Our Forum Host - accounting / NGO & tax expert, Achmat Kazie - also touches upon the legislative framework & best accounting practices for Schools. The array of topics will expand and there will be several dedicated School Forums on various aspects of School accounting, compliance, legislative framework and more.

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