Key feautures and modules of Rise School Management

All learner data stored online
Automated billing of student fees
School specific general ledger accounts
Learner Management System
Learner or parent communication

Key benefits of Rise School Management

Paperless work environment
No need to use Excel, print or hand write invoices for students and their parents. With Rise School Management you can easily create and print all your invoices and receipts at a click of a button.
Learner Management System
The solution allows you to keep all learner records in one place, including contact details, medical aid, and billing and scanned documents. Data precision and reliability are guaranteed.
Compliance with WCED
All schools in South Africa are required to submit a Quaterly report to the WCED using a predefined template called "Form 043". With this in mind, you will find this built-in into Rise School Management Solution, which we are currently busy with implementing in our application.
Better relationships with parents
No more errors and mistakes in student accounts due to the manual process. With Rise Accounting, all your accounts, billing information and outstanding amounts are up to date, accurate and precise. You will ensure better relationships with your customers learners and their parents who pay their school fees.
Saves you time, resources and effort
Your staff, employees and all your stakeholders will save time with the automation of all your processes that you would normally perform manually and tediously, which takes a lot of time and man power. Rise School Management will save you a huge amount of time, resources and man hours.

Get a feel for a look & a functionality
of Rise School Management

Full data base
Keep all learner records in one place including contact details, medical aid, billing, and scanned documents
Instant search
You can filter student lists by age, grade, class or gender.

Customers reviews

“Achmat and Rise Accounting Team have championed the customization of Rise Accounting software to our School's needs. Not only does it capture all the student data and keeps it updated and accurate, it also allows us to do the required reporting for WCED fast and easy. We can print invoices, cash receipts and more at a click of a button. I have been referring Achmat and his Team to other Principles I know. If your school needs to streamline all its invoicing, billing, accounting etc. processes, I would recommend to get in touch with Achmat. 'Rise School Management' software will save you a lot of time, money and manpower.”

Mr King Acting Principal, Northpine Primary, Cape Town