How to onboard onto Rise Accounting

Rise Accounting is an innovative comprehensive cloud-based system for Accountants and SMEs - for both service- and manufacturing companies. Built on the 1C: Enterprise platform (the 2020 Frontrunner by Gartner), this award-winning software is flexible and customizable on the user's and developer's side.

Here is a detailed outline of the video on how to onboard onto Rise Accounting as well as newly developed functionality - the RiseDoc tool and the Shopify integration:

00:20 - 02:34 How to import a Chart of Accounts from an Excel file.
02:34 - 03:01 How to change a type of account.
03:01 - 03:07 How to create a new Account in Rise Accounting.
03:24 - 04:21 The Bank Stream, a live link with 4 major banks and a CSV-statement upload.
04:21 - 06:28 How to upload a statement from a CSV-file onto the Bank Stream.
07:11 - 07:45 How to match an outgoing transaction (bank charges) to an Account in the Chart of Accounts.
07:45 - 07:57 How to customize the Bank Stream - add / take out columns.
08:11 - 08:47 How to split an expense transaction into 2 accounts.
08:56 - 09:27 How to match an incoming payment to the invoice in the Bank Stream
09:43 - 11:23 A brief overview of Rise Accounting and the 1C:Enterprise platform.
11:23 - 12:06 A brief overview of accounting / financial reports in Rise Accounting
12:07 - 12:38 How to pull the Trial Balance report.
12:39 - 13:22 How to pull the Income Statement report (accrual basis) on the weekly, monthly, quarterly, yearly basis.
13:23 - 15:06 How to drill down in the Income Statement and open the invoice and customer, inventory item and the account
15:12 - 15:58 How to pull the Balance Sheet total / monthly / weekly
15:58 - 16:23 How to pull the Statement of Cash Flows
16:47 - 18:07 NEW: The overview of the data recognition tool RiseDoc: to eliminate the manual capturing of supplier invoices
18:08 - 22:09 How to upload the Supplier Invoices as part of the RiseDoc data recognition tool.
22:09 - 23:19 NEW: The Shopify integration with Rise Accounting
23:19 - 24:19           The product details get pulled from Shopify into Rise Accounting
24:19 - 24:43           How to add a new product in Rise Accounting, change a VAT code
24:54 - 25:58           How to pull customers' info and add new customers
26:01 - 27:13           How to set Opening Balances for the inventory items
27:13 - 28:34           How to work with the orders: 3 types of orders
28:34 - 29:04           How to access the approval history
29:04 - 30:16           How to create different types of Orders in Rise Accounting
31:04 - 34:59 The Rise SA Team and software overview; partnership opportunities

Here is a full list of descriptions of all the training and onboarding videos that you can access invidivually on our YouTube channel.
The videos are short and to the point and serve as a great learning tool for our customers and partners, based on their feedback.

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