Rise Accounting

Rise Accounting is a bespoke accounting management solution. Our solution is cloud-enabled and works on-premise. It has valuable features that will help you to speed up & automate your daily tasks. Rise Accounting can be customized to your specific needs and type of business. Our solution is based on 26 years of software development expertise and 5 million happy users worldwide.

Rise Accounting Modules

Accounting & Reporting

This module provides comprehensive access to financial information and presents it in a familiar spreadsheet layout. While handy reporting tools shows data in user-friendly forms, familiar export formats makes sharing easy. You keep track of your business' financial position and make informed decisions.

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The Sales module gives you are flexibility when managing orders and quotes, invoicing and accepting customer payments, handling customer returns and refunds. Instant access to inventory and cost data, simple and fast document creation features for monitoring your current cash position and streamline your sales.

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This module makes supplier management, purchasing and receiving inventory fast and easy. Powerful tools help create new supplier invoices on the fly, while easy classification and expensing of line items simplify project accounting. Built-in purchase returns allow for credit memos and refunds that you can receive against cash receipts.

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This module provides comprehensive information on your orders, sales, and deliveries in real-time mode. Handy tools help you easily track inventory by category, location, project, and costs, avoiding product outages and lost sales.

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