The mobile RiseDoc app is now available on iOS store

By the Rise SA Team, May 18, 2021

An overview of the Rise Accounting modules

Rise Accounting is a cloud accounting management solution for both small-to-medium companies and Accountants. It has various modules integrated in one system that empower
business owners, bookkeepers and accountants to access all financial, reporting
and ongoing transaction data in one place.

Some modules that are part of Rise Accounting are: 

Chart of Accounts
Journal entries
General journal
Audit log
Create Account, Budget, expense category

Financial reports: 
   Balance Sheet 
   Budget report Planned vs. Actual 
   General Ledger
   Income statement (cash & accrual)
   Statement of Cash Flows
   Trial Balance

Supplier management:
    Purchase orders
    Supplier Invoices
    Invoice payments
    Supplier returns 
    A/P aging for suppliers
    Purchase Order report by line items
    Purchases report by line items
    Purchases report by supplier details
   Suppliers Detailed Ledger 

A full list of all the modules in Rise Accounting can be viewed here.

RiseDoc - a data recognition tool for expense management

Time is of essence, esp. in the dynamic world that we all live in.

Based on the companies' and Accountants' requirements, the Rise SA Team
has developed the RiseDoc mobile app, together with the actual system data
recognition tool as part of the Rise Accounting solution,
to save you time on supplier invoice
capturing and bringing them straight into the system.

RiseDoc is a data recognition tool
RiseDoc app on the Play Store

The app is available for both iOS and Android.

For iOS phones,  here is a link for downloading

For Android phones, the link is

If you would like to try it out in Rise Accounting, feel free to email us at info (at)