Sweet Pea Independent Primary School chooses Rise School Management

By Anna Toma, Rise SA Team, Aug 11, 2020

Rise SA Team is pleased to share that Sweet Pea Independent Primary School based in the North West Province
made an informed decision to go for a full school specific package, Rise School Management. 

With over 200 learners at school, the school was in need of a school specific package that 
would meet their requirements in terms of pricing, available functionality for schools and onboarding / support quality. 

Sweet Pea Independent School goes for Rise School Management

Rise SA's offering for schools has not only ticked all these boxes but also surpassed Principal's
expectations in terms of the ease, user-friendly interface and the level of detail of the available functionality. 
Previously using a different accounting package that was free but had limited functionality,
the Principal was excited to see what RSM offers. 

sweet pea indep school.jpg
Sweet Pea Independent Primary School adjusting to the new COVID19 reality

Rise School Management is an all-in-one cloud school-specific solution
that was created together with local schools to address their tough challenges. 

Some of these challenges included not enough time in the day on the Bursar's and Admin Staff's
side to finish everything due to a large amount of learners and a lot of input data that the School Staff need to process. 

The other tangible challenge is that schools have various systems for different processes
which requires double input and manual capturing. And lastly, schools need accountant's
support to assist them with their questions on the accounting front. 

sweet pea indep school 2.jpg
Sweet Pea Independent School, a learner awarded in 2019

Rise School Management enables schools to run all their accounting processes, have all their learners'
accounts info in once place, automate the Education Department reporting with the inbuilt 043-Form,
communicate with parents via a mobile app, inform parents of learners' incidents and more.
Parents can view learners' billing on the app - it is automated. 

Schools can also bulk mail parents at a click, facilitate Enrollments, batch invoice
all their learners individually, per class or all at once - be it monthly, termly or annually. 

If you would like to see Rise School Management in action, please contact Rise SA Team
to find out when the next School Forum will take place.
Alternatively, you can contact us to have a meeting with your Principal and SGB.

Feel free to visit riseschoolmanagemnt.co.za to learn more
about the cloud school-specific solution for local schools.