Schools' How-To Guide for Channels

Schools' how-to guide for Channels 

By Darian Martin, October 01, 2018
Marketing at Rise SA Business Solutions

Step 1: Sign-in with your School's unique link, Password and username. Select okay once all the fields are properly completed.

Step 2: Select Schools from the categories on the left.

Step 3: Under the heading School Communicator select channels.

Step 4: The Channels window will then appear, Select Create and a dialog box will appear. You then type in the name of the Channel in the description and selected save and close.

Step 5: If you wish to rename a Channel, right click on the Channel and select edit. Type in the new name for the Channel in the description and then select save and close.

Step 6: The renamed Channel will then replace the previous Channel and will be saved in your Channel list.


While completing your news article note that line spacing will be automatically adjusted for Smartphones therefor it is not need to press enter to continue a sentence to make it shorter.

After you have completed your news article you can selected the relevant channel and then selected publish. Note, only parents that have subscribed to the channel will receive the news article that was posted in the channel.