Rise Accounting for Schools becomes Rise School Management

By Anna Toma, Sep 05, 2018 Marketing Director at Rise SA; for questions or comments email at anna.toma@risebiz.co.za
Initially being called Rise Accounting for Schools, it is is a school-specific software solution for South African schools. We have created it together with a local school for local schools. It is an all-in-one solution with schools in mind. 

It's is comprised of 4 modules. An accounting module with a built-in 043-form, trial balance, balance sheet and all other accounting related functionality. A batch invoicing module which allows schools to issue invoices in bulk swiftly and easily. A learner management modules allows schools to keep all the records of all the learns in one place. A school-parent communication module allows schools to communicate with parents at the click of a button.Rise School Management, a welcome school

Due to the above, we are happy to share with you that we've rebranded Rise Accounting for Schools into Rise School Management. The new brand is a more accurate depiction of what it is about.

Rise School Management helps local schools to optimize, centralize and improve on all the schools' operations. Often local schools keep their records in either Excel or other tools that are disparate and not connected with each other. 

The idea is for schools to keep all their learners' records, accounting related data, invoices etc. all in one place. This makes it possible for schools to keep things up-to-date, secure and error free. 

What we have encountered with excel is that it creates a lot of errors and ambiguity in fee records of schools. This can make life very difficult, esp. to the staff members who need to work with the records on the daily basis. 

Rise School Management solves the above problem entirely and provides schools with a number of additional benefits. 

1) Schools don't need to hassle with entering all their transactions manually, tediously and duplicating them in several places. 
Rise School Management has a bank feed which provides a seamless integration with 4 major banks of South Africa. Soon with all the South African banks.

2) Schools don't need to struggle with constant errors in school fees, invoicing of students etc. It will thus improve their relationships with their parents and create a more conducive for education and teaching environment.

3) Schools don't need to manually fill in the 043-form that WCED requires of them. 043-form will be automatically populated with all the data from Rise School Management. 

4) We have a fantastic personal support of schools. Schools phone directly Achmat Kazie, who is often on the road to help them solve all their queries and resolve any problems. We also have a support lead who helps Schools with general queries, such as Rise School Communicator related questions etc.

5) Rise School Management is both in a cloud and on-premise. Your School can decide what suits better to its needs.

6) Schools are our partners in improving our solution. Achmat makes sure all the feedback he gets from schools on improving the Rise School Management gets to our developers. They in turn make the necessary changes and tweaks to accommodate  

These are just some benefits that Schools get with Rise School Management as their trusted and chosen all-in-one solution. 

If your school needs a demo or have some questions, please phone us at 021 180 4787 or email at info@risebiz.co.za

Feel free to join our Rise School Management Group at https://www.facebook.com/groups/RiseAccountingForSchools/