[Rise School Management]: Dennegeur Primary in Mitchells Plain has signed up for the PRO version

By Anna Toma, Dec 19, 2018 Marketing @ Rise SA Business Solutions
Rise SA Team is excited to welcome the Dennegeur Primary from Strandfontein, Mitchells Plain, to our valued customers of the all-in-one school-specific solution Rise School Management. Having attended a few of our School Forums and the Financial training for the non-financial professionals hosted by Achmat Kazie, the Dennegeur Primary's Principal saw the Rise School Management solution as a great fit to the school and its operational processes. The appeal of the Rise School Management for South African schools lies in the fact that it is comprised of the school-specific accounting with the 043-form, learner management, batch invoicing and a school-parent communicator. The solution also comes at a reasonable price with a prompt user support and training of the admin staff.

Rise School Primary
Dennegeur Primary in Strandfontein, Mitchells Plain, has purchased the PRO version of the Rise School Management all-in-one solution.

While there are some similarities, each government school has their own challenges and areas for improvement. One of the main challenges that many South African schools experience is the manual component in accounting, invoicing and other schools' processes. If the schools' Admin Staff are faced with having to do accounting and invoicing manually, e.g. with the Excel-spreadsheets and the likes of it, mistakes can easily creep in. This can lead to a situation when the Admin staff do not know exactly what the outstanding fees are for individual students. This can have serious repercussions for the accounting & the reporting that the Education Department requires from schools. Not only that, but it can also be detrimental for the school's finances that schools rely on to finance its activities.

The second main challenge is that the current available school-parent communication solutions are pricey and hence not affordable for the majority of the government schools. That is when our Rise School Communicator - the LIGHT version of the Rise School Management all-in-one solution - comes in handy. All schools in South Africa can start using our efficient school-parent communicator. It is user-friendly & can be downloaded in seconds by learners' parents. It is available for both Android and iOS smartphones. Schools can update parents with all their news, events, resources at a few clicks of the button.

One of our other valued customers - Tygerberg Art Centre  - was also experiencing the above-mentioned challenges related to the accuracy and reliability of their accounting data and the ability to instantly communicate with parents in a cost-effective way. While some schools use the bulk SMS option, it comes with many limitations and a hefty price tag. 

Rise SA Team is excited about Dennegeur Primary joining our valued customers of the Rise School Management all-in-one solution. We hope that the solution will assist this School with resolving all its current challenges and will assist with optimizing the accounting, invoicing and other schools' process.

Rise School Management is more than just accounting for the local schools. It is an all-in-one comprehensive solution that was created together with the local schools. It has school-specific accounting with 043-form, batch invoicing, learner management and a school-parent communicator. 

If your school needs to optimize its manual processes in accounting, invoicing, learner management and school-parent communication, please feel free to contact us via info@risebiz.co.za or give us a call at 021 180 4787.