Rise School Communicator now available both in iOS & Android

By Anna Toma, Sep 17, 2018 Marketing at Rise SA Business Solutions
Rise School Communicator has been making waves among schools in Cape Town. It is a school-parent communication platform that is easy-to-use. In celebration of Mandela's Centennial anniversary this year, we made it free for local schools.

Schools got very excited about it, as a lot of them do not have a prompt & efficient way to communicate with learners' parents. It has not been even a month since we have launched Rise School Communicator. Over 24 local schools have jumped on it, and it is growing from strength to strength.

There is even more exciting news we would like to share with you. We are pleased to inform you that the Rise School Communicator is now available not just for Android, but also for the iOS users. Parents can download Rise School Communicator on their iPhones and iPad devices.

Parents can also download Rise School Communicator for the Android devices.

What can schools and parents do with the help of the Rise School Communicator? 

  • Parents can choose up to 5 schools, in case they have more than one child and they go to different schools. 
  • Parents can also choose just one school, if they have only one child. 
  • Schools can inform parents of all the news and updates currently happening. Schools can also specify channels for news, for instance, for various sports, a specific subject or extracurricular activities.
  • Schools can also upload all the contact details for parents, as well as resources.
As you can see, Rise School Communicator is a hands-on way for schools to communicate with parents on the regular basis. 

Rise School Communicator

If you have any questions or queries please contact Darian Martin who helps schools with all the queries and questions on Rise School Communicator:

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