Rise SA partners up with SIMS

By Anna Toma, Rise SA Team, Jul 14, 2020

Rise SA offers cloud-based accounting and business management systems to schools, colleges and SMEs. 

Our solutions are built on the 1C:Enterprise platform which enables us to customize solutions 

to customers' requirements at least twice faster than currently available. 

1C:Enterprise is a powerful software development platform that takes software development

to the next level by enabling 1Ci partners to tweak solutions to suit requirements of local customers. 

Rise SA is a South African partner of 1Ci. 

For the last 4 years we were able to customize our solution - Rise Accounting - to address schools' challenges effectively. 

Schools have quite unique processes and requirements. This is why when one School approached us some years ago, we were able to develop the Learners' Module to accommodate Schools' needs to store Learners' information in one system in a reliable way. 

Having developed the Learners' Module, we got positive feedback from schools as now they can:

1. Access all the learners' info and their guardians' details in one place

2. Export all the learners' info in one report out of the system 

3. Access account info for each learner

Apart from Learners' Module, Schools can also access all accounting modules, 

e.g. school-specific accounting functionality. 

We have also automated 043-Form reports for schools. When schools work in the system, this info gets pulled into the system automatically.  

Also the system allows to create batch invoicing for all learners in a batch. 

Learners can be invoiced per class or all at once per month, per term or for the whole year. 

Rise School Management also includes:

  • Rise School Communicator with the live Billing

  • Discipline module with incidents in desktop and mobile. 

This is why partnering up with Herman Kohne from SIMS is great as his system is not cloud based and he can offer our solutions to his schools, should they want to switch to an all-in-one solution. 

Rise SA is really excited about this opportunity as it creates great synergy between the two providers and the two teams. 

It shows that trust and brand awareness in a South African market is growing more and more.

Currently Herman is being trained in the Rise School Management system.