Rise SA integrates Rise School Management with the debt collection company

By Anna Toma, Rise SA Team, Jul 17, 2020

Being a South African partner of 1Ci, Rise SA builds all its solutions - accounting package for SMEs,
Rise School Management for schools, 1C:Drive for colleges and other industries - on 1C:Enterprise platform

1C:Enterprise platform is a powerful platform with over 5 million users
and over 7000 partners all over the world who use it for their customers. 

Recently one of our customers - De Kuilen Primary School - has requested Rise SA Team to 
integrate our all-in-one school software solution - Rise School Management
with their debt collection provider, Jumping Fox software. 

Rise SA took it in their stride, got all the necessary requirements from the debt collector's development team
and implemented the integration. 

Learn more about what our all-in-one school-specific package has on offer.