Parow High School comes aboard Rise School Communicator

, May 12, 2020
South Africa was taken by surprise with the sudden news of a full lockdown on March 26, as
the whole country was moved to the full lockdown by the country's President. 

Who would have thought and expected something like this happen to the people, the country? 

As they say, change can be hard, this was no exception, as this lockdown caused a number of challenges 
for schools, parents, workers, employers, companies, universities, to name just a few stakeholders who were 
affected by the lockdown and its implications. 

Schools were no exception to the challenges. Now there was no simple and straightforward way 
of communicating with parents. Schools were completely closed. How do you keep parents informed 
of all the COVID19 developments, give children homework while they are home and just check up
on the children's mental and physical welfare. 

Rise School Communicator did a great job in respect of the above in assisting Schools
who use Rise School Management to stay in touch with all the parents. 

Rise Communicator is an app that enables Schools to communicate to ALL 
parents at ONCE. This is a massive advantage over traditional ways of printing
paper, sending sms. 

Printing paper comes at a big cost, causes miscommunication as it goes amiss often 
with learners losing it and it is not environmentally friendly. 

With the sms bundle, schools battle to get across the message in full so that parents 
understand what it is about, as it is restricted to only 60 characters and costs a fortune.

As one school has stated fairly, that the sms bundle would cause more confusion and
queries on the parent' part than elicit quality and clear communication. Parents would often
email or sms back to the school a myriad of queries caused by a limited communication. 

Parow High School had a look at the Rise School Communicator and thought it was great
esp. for the difficult times as they were back then in may during Level lockdown. 

After just 3 months since coming onboard, they have over 950 parents on the app. 
This is great and it saves a lot of time and effort for the school. 

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