[A user guide for Rise Accounting]: how to import customers and suppliers with the Google spreadsheet

By Anna Toma, Rise SA Team, Jul 06, 2020
Rise SA always strives to be on the edge of technology and innovation, 
making our solutions user-friendly and suitable to 
our customers' specific needs and requirements.

During the past two months, our Dev Team has been busy with the Google Spreadsheet 
integration to enable import of a lot of information in a batch. 

This document serves to illustrate the process of importing 
counterparties (suppliers and customers) into Rise Accounting. 
In this document the counterparty used will be suppliers 
but the process to import customers is the same.

Using google spreadsheets, it is now able to import counterparties 
all at once rather then doing them one by one. 
This new functionality saves time and speeds up the onboarding process into the system.

You will learn the following from this user-guide: 

Table of Contents

Document Overview

Inputting Raw Data into Google Spreadsheet

Importing into the system

1. Accessing the importing tool

2. Authorizing google spreadsheet

3. Mapping the spreadsheet with the system

3.1. Importing general supplier information

3.2. Importing general supplier addresses/contacts

4. Finding your supplier list

Here is a detailed user-guide on how to import your customers or suppliers into Rise Accounting.

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