[A new training course in RSM]: "an 043-Form and a budget in RSM" on Oct 15 - feedback from schools

By Anna Toma, Rise SA Team, Oct 15, 2020

For the past few months, the Rise Team has been working on the new practical course for schools.

The new training course "How an 043-Form and an approved budget work in RSM"
is practical and relevant for Schools that work with the 043-Form and an approved budget.

This new course is based on the Rise Team's practical experience of working with various schools
and applying schools' specifics related to 043-form and the budget process in the Rise system.

You will be able to see the Rise School Management (RSM) system in action
by uploading a Chart of Accounts, creating 043-entries and mapping them,

creating the Budget, pulling Budget Planned vs. Actual,
assigning various transactions and tracking the movement in the financial reports.

It is a one-day course that connects Chart of Accounts, 043-form report,
the budget, Budget Planned vs Actual in a practical way.
Bursars will be empowered to get a good understanding of
how the 043-Form and Budget get applied in RSM,
starting with the first building block - Chart of Accounts.

We will also go through the possible mistakes that can arise and reflect in the 043-Form.
We will look at the ways of how to avoid and rectify them.

Below is an action plan of the upcoming course:

1. You will modify a Chart of Accounts (COA) template and upload it into the system.
2. You will create 043-Form entries and keep track of their order.
3.You will map each account from the COA to an 043-Form.
4. You will create the budget in the Rise system.
5. You will allocate income and expense transactions in the Bank Stream with an
immediate reflection in the 043-Form.
6. You will learn of the possible mistakes that can arise and reflect in the 043-Form
and ways of avoiding and rectifying them.
Here is a detailed program of the course:

10.00 10.15: Introduction
10.15 11.00: Import the Chart of Accounts
11.00 11.10: Short Break
11.10 12.00: Creating 043 Entries
12.00 12.30: Mapping 043 entries to Chart of Accounts
12.30 13.00: Break
13.00 13.40: Import the budget
13.40 13.50: Pull the WCED 043 Report before bank allocations
13.50 14.00: Short Break
14.00 14.30: Bank Stream Allocation
14.30 14.40: Pull the WCED 043 Report after bank allocations
14.40 15.00: Questions & Feedback

How will this training assist you in your daily job? Please give 2-3 examples.

"Time to collect school fees, Accurate view of finances", - Lanore Daniels, Bursar, Simonstown School.
"Have more insight now to check the 043. Can process transactions to the 043.
Can view the 043 and understand it a bit more now", - Debbie Timm, Bursar, South Peninsula High School.
"I will be able to change the 043 as desired", - Nastasha Fourie, Bursar, Koos Sadie Primary School.

Would you recommend this course to other schools?"
Absolutely", - Lanore Daniels, Simonstown School
"Definitely", - Mr Wyngaard, Firgrove PS
"I learnt a lot and will definitely be more confident with the O43 and budget." Mr Wyngaard, Firgrove PS

"Great learning experience", - Nastasha Fourie, Bursar, Koos Sadie Primary School
"I started out being nervous and froze a bit when we had to do the exercise on our own, but got into the swing as the day progressed.
I do feel a bit more competent with regards to the 043 and the chart of
accounts and this was probably the best time to run this course as schools get to do their budgets."
- Debbie Timm, Bursar, South Peninsula High School.

Here is some feedback from the Schools:

It's a one-day course that will be held via Google Hangouts.
You just need an Internet connection and can join from anywhere.
A link will be provided upon your confirmation of attendance.
The cost is R500 for the one-day course that includes a detailed manual, a presentation and
a supervision of an experienced Accountant who regularly works with Schools.
A video recording will be made for a future reference. We will also provide you <br
with all the templates and the Rise system infobase for the course.
Upon the course end, you will get three months of a free access to the Rise system,
which can come in handy, if you were maybe thinking of switching to the Rise system
and would like to create your School's budget for 2021 in the system and try the system out for yourself.

Contact us via info@risebiz.co.za if you would like to attend.