6th and 7th School Forum Update

[Rise School Management]: Schools from all over Cape Town attended

By Darian Martin, Sep 28, 2018 Rise SA Business Solutions

With Schools from all over Cape Town  attending The 6th and 7th School forum which was held on , August 22, 2018 and September 11, 2018 respectfully.

Achmat Kazie the Business Director for Rise SA presented the importance of the Rise School Management Solution and why the all-in-one solution is beneficial to any School.

Achmatsí detailed demonstration composed of Accounting, Learner Management, School-Parent Communicator and Batch Invoicing grasped the attention of the attendees. Questions and concerns arouse around the integrated WCED form and the safety and security of the Schools data in regards to the School Communicator.

Achmat was easily able to answer the questions of the attendees and eased their concerns.

The attendees were also informed about important updates such a Push Notifications, School Communicator is now available for download on iOS devices and a new feature allowing Schools to streamline their various Channels that Parents can Subscribe to and only receiving those updates.

Which means that Schools can create a channel for each grade and post homework, sports or news related to the specific grade and only parents who are subscribed to those grades will get the notifications.